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Chris Mills & Jacky Harris, UK
My partner and I visited Corbett in January 2002 towards the end of a two-week birding trip to Northern India. We had three days at the Camp Forktail Creek at Corbett, with the people at Wild World India who provided excellent camping accommodation, food and guiding.


Mojo Rainforest Retreat

Home to the Habanero (the world's second hottest chili), the Southern Birdwing (India's largest butterfly), the Atlas Moth (with the world's largest wingspan), over 100 species of birds and the best blues collection in the country, Mojo is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Perched at 1100m at the top of the rain-slope, the organic farm is spread over 25 acres of undulating terrain.

The retreat was set up in 1999 by Dr Anurag (Doc) and Sujata Goel to nurture Coorg's fragile ecosystem and to promote their environmental NGO, WAPRED Research Foundation. At Mojo, coffee, cardamom, pepper and vanilla are grown organically under the shade of rainforest trees. Solar panels are used to generate electricity. Locally grown organic produce is used for the delectable farm-fresh cuisine. Even the accommodation has been designed to give you an intimate brush with nature. While the Yin-Yang Plantation Cottage is deep inside the rainforest, the Brook-side Deluxe Cottage is set against a thicket of bamboo, banana, orange and pineapple.

Whether it's the hand-pollination of vanilla or learning about the lifecycle of coffee, Mojo offers a first-hand learning experience about life at a farm. Activities include a detailed excursion of the plantation, a nature walk to Galibeedu Ridge, trip to the Dubare Elephant Training Camp and a drive to the Cauvery for swimming or mahseer fishing. Though every season unfolds some hidden facet of Mojo, the best time to visit is from beginning October to end of May. This region gets some of the highest rainfall in the world so avoid the months July-August, unless you are doing a thesis on leeches.

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