2 May 2020 Three Wildlife Safaris to India with Wild World India

“I’d like to get to India once in my life to see a tiger and the Taj Mahal.” That simple wish blossomed into three fantastic trips that expanded well beyond a tiger and the Taj, all in the span of just four years, with the expert guidance of Vikram Singh of Wild World India.  Trip report written by Ulrik Andersen, reviewed and improved by all participants. Bird and mammal lists by Morten Heegaard and Erling Krabbe. Photographs as indicated. Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2011. Click here for the full trip...

30 Apr 2020 Danish Birding

North East India Birding 2012 Click here for the full trip report

30 Apr 2020 Central India Tadoba-Andhari, Pench and Kanha Tiger Reserves

4th to 15th February 2016 By Stig Jensen and Jon Lehmberg. Click here for the full trip report India is a very interesting country to visit, and having both been there several times...

29 Apr 2020 Birding and Mammaaling North-Central India 

Gjøl Sørensen & Hans Jørgen Bruun Pedersen Birding and Mammaaling North-Central India  December 2010 - January 2011Uffe Click here for the full trip report

29 Apr 2020 MANAS NATIONAL PARK (Assam) – January 2011 BIRDING & MAMMALING

Assam Meghalaya - January 2011 With additional notes from Khasi Hills (Meghalaya) and around Guwahati (Assam) Assam Meghalaya - January 2011 UFFE GJØL SØRENSEN© & HANS JØRGEN...