Our Story

In 2006, Wild World India was set up with the dogged belief that we could create a specialist, localized travel company focusing on the wildlife and natural history of India, as there very few or none that existed then. Over a decade later, not much has changed in the landscape. But, today, thanks to our wildlife centric obsession, we, at WWI, have come to be known and trusted for meticulously planning journeys into the wild and offering experiences of a lifetime to wildlife enthusiasts coming from all over the world.

Not surprisingly, a large majority of our clients are repeat customers or references, preferring a more authentic and personalized style of travel focusing on their interests. Some have even been with us on more than 15 trips. And we are still counting.

Over the years, some of the young trackers and guides, who started their careers and earned their stripes with WWI, have gone on to become the most sought after in their respective fields. Some have been top Snow Leopard spotters for BBC Planet Earth film crew, some are assisting some of the best birding tour companies in Asia while some are preferred guides for the most talented ambassadors of nature photography.

Just like our guests, and the wildlife we track, we are a curious bunch, too. And it was only natural that for us to start venturing into the exquisite natural habitats in other lands. Today, we offer a few select tours and expeditions outside of India with the same passion and philosophy of maximizing your wildlife viewing opportunities in a responsible manner. All of these trips are offered through our partners, kindred spirits who have travelled with us to India and we have travelled with them in their parts of the world. In other words, with this enormous wealth of experience and service standards, there couldn’t be a ‘wilder’ way to experience the natural world.


Vikram Singh – Chief Explorer

Vikram founded WWI with a vision to bring together a network of nature specialists to help promote Indian wildlife through sustainable eco-tourism practices. An engineer and an MBA by training, he gave up a short-lived career in the corporate world to pursue his interest in the natural world and travel. Having travelled extensively through the country, he has personally researched all the trips that the company promotes and continues to develop potential wildlife tour destinations. Based in New Delhi he spearheads Development and Planning at WWI, when not out leading tours. In 2016 on a trip to Svalbard, he developed a late interest in photography and now carries a camera along on his travels besides open eyes and binoculars. Some of his favourite places are the Himalayas, the Arctic and the Pantanal in Brazil. He may be contacted at vikram@wildworldindia.com

Abhishek Sharma – Manager Operations

Abhishek hails from Rishikesh, a city located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. He spent a major part of his childhood in Rishikesh enjoying adventure sports and exploring the Raja Ji Tiger Reserve, in the vicinity of Rishikesh. Over 10 years working as a wildlife expert, Abhishek has extensively travelled to various national parks of India, which taught him many invaluable lessons about tourism and hospitality industry and this knowledge along with his business acumen and dynamism has shaped WWI into the thriving company.
He is a keen birder and has a passion for wildlife photography too. His sense of humour and relaxed demeanour ensure that he is a hit with all the people he meets, creating a long-lasting clientele.

Nikhil Virdi – Film Maker

Inspired by wildlife and nature from a young age, all Nikhil wants is an excuse to go into the wild.

His passion for the natural world had led him on a path to become a wildlife storyteller. Traveling across India working on projects for broadcasters gave him a better understanding of India’s Natural Heritage. His short documentary has won many awards but what matters most is how the local community’s understanding has improved after seeing the film .”Kalia the Lost Gibbon”

Now Nikhil is leading our tours and sharing stories from the field.