Tourist vehicles on a safari in Ranthambhore tiger reserve

Tigers Only Tour

Being a wildlife photographer all you need when traveling is the right light at the right place and moment. Light is all about photography and only Mother Nature can decide about it. Nevertheless having guides that know where and when the right light might be, helps a lot! I would like to thank Wild World India for the great support, perfect organization and best guides during our tiger-shooting safari in India.
Daisy Gilardini (Switzerland)

Central India Tiger Photography Tour

Our first adventure travel/photo safari went flawlessly with Wild World India. We stayed at two tiger reserves and felt that we had the best guides in the park! We received VIP treatment and the guides were very accommodating to our photo needs. The lodging and food were great, and all transfers had a personal touch. When we return to India, we will definitely use them again.
Andrew Hatfield (USA)

Snow Leopard Expedition

To make the Snow Leopard expedition a reality, I contacted Vikram Singh of Wild World India, who did an amazing job putting all of the travel arrangements together for our group. I absolutely recommend Vikram and WWI for any travel needs in India (we’ve used them before – see our India Expedition blog). Vikram was one of the pioneers in the Snow Leopard expedition market and he knows how to do it right!
Smith Family (USA)

Wildlife Photography Tour

Spent 9 nights for relaxation and wildlife photography in April 2011 at Bandhavargh, well-known for tiger sightings. We were not disappointed. We booked our tour with Wild World India – an excellent, very professional outfit — one of the best we have encountered in 20 years of travel. They stay at all the lodges that they recommend and know subtle differences that may be important for clients. WWI made arrangements for an independent guide in the park – he was absolutely fantastic and key for our photographic success.
Kirk & Richelle Fleischer (USA)

Corbett Experience Tour

Thank you so much for everything, it was really wonderful. The lammergeier was the icing on the cake! Meanwhile good luck with all that you are doing and thank you again! Keep me posted on Corbett.
Ruth Padel (UK), prize-winning British poet and author of ‘Tigers In Red Weather’ on wild tigers in Asia

Natural & Cultural Heritage of North India

I just completed a three-week tour in India, concentrating on photographing tigers. My tour company, Wild World India, was probably the best tour company I have ever worked with (including some very good ones I have used on Africa trips). I was with my sister during part of the trip and alone the rest of the time. Every guide was exceptional & the service excellent! Wild World India planned the whole trip and it was truly memorable. I highly recommend this tour company in planning any trip to India!
Judy Brickman (USA)

South India Birding Tour

I am back home after a wonderful 2 week trip to South India. I saw 43 out of 44 possible lifers, so for me it was an immense success. My travel mate Hans was also very happy about the trip. Jijo was just incredible as our guide, and found everything!
Erling Krabbe & Hans (Denmark)

Elephant Safari Tour

I would like to thank you for organizing our Safari – the logistics of getting all the arrangements together must have been a nightmare for you. What an incredible experience it was, we were treated like royalty… Yogi and Daju were fantastic and also our driver for getting us safely to and from the Park. Passing through the villages was a real eye-opener. Yogi and Daju had great patience in trying to spot a Tiger – even if it was sheer chance that we saw it. One of the highlights was seeing the Elephant swim – it enjoyed it so much. We were taken to Kanda and it was a shame that we could not have stayed there. Thanks once again for making everything go so smoothly and the memories that will stay with us.
Tony & Margaret Forster (UK)

Journey through India

For a start I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done. You said you hoped it would be a memorable experience and it surely was… Both me and Jenny have wonderful memories of the trip. We liked it so much we would love to be there again right now… It’s a wonderful country with all its beauty and contradictions. Even if it was a bit shocking to see something so different, we miss India a lot now. I guess we are the kind of tourists that end up loving the place! All the hotels were good and well-positioned in the cities, some were extremely beautiful and had very helpful staff indeed… We were satisfied with all of them. The itinerary (Rajasthan, Goa, Mumbai, Haridwar & Rishikesh) was very good, though next time we’ll surely have to visit some places for a longer time! In the smaller cities there’s so much to see and do… But it’s good to leave something behind, so we have an excuse to come back! All in all, it was a wonderful experience. We really hope we’ll be able to come back as soon as possible. In the meantime wishing you all the best until our next meeting!
Luca Pasquarelli & Jenny Delfin (Italy)

Indian Wildlife Tour

All in all we have been very satisfied with the Bandhavgarh, Kanha & Corbett tour and we enjoyed every moment of our adventure. The organization and coordination worked nearly perfectly. We have been travelling the world many times, but rarely experienced such a good organization. We especially appreciated the kindness of Vikram, the guides, drivers and hotel personnel. The regular check calls during the trip gave us the impression to be in safe and professional hands. Negative points are difficult to find. We hope to visit India again with your travel agency, maybe Ranthambhore and the Lion National Park. Many thanks…
Giordano Costa & Tiziana Micheli (Switzerland)

Best of India Wildlife Tour

First of all we would like to tell you and your team that we had a great trip within wild India. From Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Khajuraho, Corbett, Nainital; the way you recommended the tour design was excellent. We could explore and enjoy every single place. The hotels were very good and we have been impressed by the high quality of service delivered during the whole trip. No problems for bookings, routings or timing. A special word on our guides (Rajan, Pappu, Nirankar & Ruplal) to recognize their high level of knowledge about wildlife wherever it was – in the jungle or on the roads! We would recommend your company to any people who want to discover India and expect a 6-star service along their stay.
Michaël & Laetitia Chopard (Switzerland)

North & Eastern India Wildlife Tour

Thank you for a very good and well-organized trip of Chambal, Bharatpur, Ranthambhore, Kolkata & Sunderbans. When you have only a short time to spare for a trip it is nice that everything is taken care of and working. We were quite impressed by the organization lying behind that. All of a sudden somewhere in Bharatpur a stranger climbed into the bus, told us that there was a little problem with our train tickets but that he would take care of it. And then he followed us into the train and fixed everything! Both Chambal and Ranthambore are unique places and I’m grateful for having seen river dolphins before they are extinct. The lodges used are of high quality with very friendly staff and very good food (especially the naan in Ranthambore)! I was impressed by the quality of guides in Chambal and Ranthambore. Of course everybody can recognize a tiger and a spotted deer, but knowing all the birds and being able to identify them from a long distance takes a little more. Sunderbans was really worthwhile. Of course we didn’t spot tigers and I didn’t expect that we would, but just being there and slowly cruising on the channels watching birds was great. It was hot, but the positive side was that we were the only tourists there and got the feeling of having the whole Sunderbans to our selves. Hopefully we’ll return soon!
Hans Enstrup Andersen (Denmark)
Senior Scientist, University of Aarhus, National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Freshwater Ecology

Bharatpur, Ranthambhore & Snow Leopard Tour

Thank you for a fantastic trip to India! You did an extremely good job of planning a memorable tour for us, and everything that could be planned for, went down without any kind of problems – impressive! Even though Stig Jensen had praised you in advance, I thought a month in India was bound to present some kind of trouble along the way – no offence! It didn’t, and for that I am grateful and happy. Of course, there were the small matters of the missing tiger in Ranthambhore, the presence of T7 in Bharatpur and some unexpected rain during the first 10 days, but how do you plan for that? You can’t, and at least I have no regrets, since I think we did everything possible to see the Tiger – it just wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, I was compensated with a truly spectacular sighting of the Snow Leopard in Hemis. An absolutely unforgettable 4 hours that went beyond what any of us had dared to dream of before the trip!! Our success has inspired a lot of people in Denmark and abroad, and I suspect there will be rather a lot of people wanting to go to Hemis NP in search of the “grey ghost” because of it. That should bring some business to you and to the locals in Ladakh, making everybody happy. Definitely the highlight of the entire holiday, but by no means the only one. The 3 Sloth Bears in Ranthambhore, the Blackbucks between Sultanpur and Bhindawas, the big owls in different locations and lots of other fantastic mammals and birds made it a near perfect vacation! There is no doubt at all, that I’ll return to India to explore more of your amazing country, and I’m equally certain that I’ll be using Wild World India to plan my next visit, and the next, and so on… Tiger will, of course, be the top of my agenda until I manage to see one, and probably also after that!
Jon Lehmberg (Denmark)

India’s Natural & Cultural Heritage Tour

After four weeks of constant traveling across Bharatpur, Agra, Chambal, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Panna, Orchha, Jhansi, Bhopal, Kanha, Varanasi, Manas, Cherrapunjee, Shillong & Sultanpur, I quite suddenly ran out of energy when we met in Delhi. But I hope it was obvious that we enjoyed our trip very, very much. Thanks again for your excellent assistance with the technical arrangement of our most complete trip to India ever. Best wishes from my wife and Hans.
Uffe Gjøl Sørensen, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Corbett Nainital Birding & Cultural Heritage Tour

We had a fantastic tour arranged by you and your staff. The tour was planned exactly as we wanted according to the itinerary and everywhere we met guides, drivers and local representatives who did everything for us to be comfortable. The mix of birding sites: Sultanpur, Corbett, Pangot, Chambal River and Keoladeo Ghana and cultural sites: Delhi, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra and Varanasi was perfect, and gave us a memorable impression of the great contrasts in modern India.

The lodges were very good and we were quite satisfied with your choice. Everywhere the staff was friendly and service-minded. Our birdguide for most of the tour, Chandra Bhan Singh, is a really fantastic guide. He was excellent in finding birds and always tried to ensure that all of us did see the birds and mammals. He is also a great companion with lots of humour and great spirits. He really did all to see that we were secure and comfortable all the way. He, our driver Jogindra and his assistant Surendra was a great team.

We saw more than 300 bird species and lots of mammals. Highlights were among many others the Cheer Pheasants, the Skimmers and the Ibisbill. And we were lucky to see wild elephants and tiger in Corbett NP. We certainly will recommend Wild World India to all we know that are planning a nature trip to India, and should we ever visit India again we will of cause contact you and your firm.
Bjarne Rosenfeldt & Group (Denmark)

India Wildlife Tour

The discovery of Indian wildlife and India was really a great moment for us. The organization was very good, thanks a lot. As I had the occasion to say it in Delhi, I shall come back. I have just to find the right moment.

Marc Grieshemier (France)

Bandhavgarh & Gir Tour

I had 5 great weeks in India. The trip was excellent and I got a lot of good pictures of both tigers and lions. We saw tigers several times at Bandhavgarh, the Nature Heritage Lodge was very good with friendly staff and good service and our driver was one of the best, if not the best. So thank you so much to Wild World India for taking care of all that. We also got to Gir and saw lions every day. Even saw leopards three times but they were only short glimpses so no pictures of the leopards.
Marcus Karlsen (Norway)

Corbett Forest Rest House Tour

This is my fourth visit to India but the first time in Corbett. I have been staying here for the last 8 days at Jhirna, Malani, Dhikala, Lohachaur and have no doubts that it is one of the finest National Parks of India. Few Highlights: 4 Common Green Magpies, 8 Great Hornbills in a Ficus tree, wonderful sighting of a Sloth Bear that climbed down from a creeper and came right beside the Gypsy. 166 birds, 10 different Tigers (with 25 ‘findings’ pugmarks, alarm calls, etc), Smooth-tailed Otters and beautiful trees and other vegetation! It will be interesting to compare my next experience here.
Peter Thomas (France)

Bharatpur & North East Birding Tour

We did indeed have a very wonderful trip. One of the highlights was meeting you in person and it was a tremendous gift to have you come down to Bharatpur. Really felt that we were with a group of long-time friends, and we hated to leave you. You all did an excellent job making all the arrangements for our adventure; every single connection worked perfectly, and we always felt very well looked after and professionally guided by marvelous people who shared of themselves and their experience. No ordinary company could ever provide an amazing experience like that. Hope we can remain friends despite the distances.
Dr. James Walters & Chris Kenty (USA)

Rajasthan Culture Tour

Thank you very much for all your help – we could not have done it without you. It was great to meet you and our night in Delhi was one of the highlights. I also never told you that we had a great dinner with Daisy and Kunnu at Udai Kothi – they were so generous and asked us to join them. Great hotel also! Thank you again – it was the perfect honeymoon.
Nicholas Prior (UK)

Ranthambhore Tour

The trip that you organized for us was superb and the arrangements went like clockwork; I was particularly impressed with the way that your people checked with us from time to time to ensure that everything was OK. The game drives in Ranthambhore were wonderful and our guide VJ explained things very clearly. We did see our tiger and were, I believe, very fortunate. The park was just a magical place and we would like to return one day. Finally, the meal on our return to Delhi was really excellent and set us off on our next journey with wonderful memories of India, the people, the scenery, the culture and the wildlife. Many thanks for a wonderful time.
George & Stella Bain (UK)

India Tour

Had a super time – thank you! All the arrangements worked really well with good guides and drivers throughout. The guys in the New Delhi office are stars and ensured all went well and kept in touch throughout. Kerala was the best place for us. Thanks for everything.
Robert & Sue Germon (UK)

South India Rainforest Tour

Chapter 1: Spent 3 days at Rainforest Retreat, a biodynamic farm where everything is organically grown and our cottage lay in the shade of luxurious trees bearing orchids. After exploring Coorg for 3 days, we left knowing that this would be a part of our mental landscape forever.

Chapter 2: The next 4 days we spent at yet another farm, away from the town of Kodai. You may walk to some tribal areas or take the long winding trail to Munnar (4 to 5 hours) and its unbelievable tea estates.

Chapter 3: The next few days we spent at Cardamom House down the hill, along the lake, a crazy old fellow, English to make it clear, retired medical doctor has set up a beautiful comfortable guesthouse and has trained his young Indian employees in various kinds of cuisines, including French. We had a “soupe à l’oignon” and a “poulet basquaise” with a wine that he makes himself. Next year he will make cheese, maybe Camembert! The dinner on the terrace of the house was truly “surrealistic”.

For these 3 chapters of our lives, for funny incidents which made the whole thing more delightful, for the cruise in the Cochin backwaters on a thatch roof boat, we have to congratulate Vikram at Wild World India who perfectly understood what we were looking for, which aspect of India we try to see whenever we go there.
Dominique Boukris (France)

Ranikhet & Corbett Tour

Firstly I would like to say that our trip was really fantastic, we all had a great time and the best part of our trip for all of us was the time we spent in the north with you at Ranikhet & Corbett. The first thing that BB says to anyone who asks how was our trip is “I washed an elephant” she really, really loved it and so did the boys. Thanks for everything. I really loved the camps, the river and all the wildlife. My heart tells me to get back on a plane as soon as possible but my head tells me that I need to maybe come back later.
Duncan Tait (UK)

Corbett Experience Tour

It was not without regret that the Bux family took leave of Corbett National Park. The spectacular flora and fauna right before your eyes was something that you normally came across only in picture books. The elephants, deer, birds, peacocks, gharials, wild boars, monkeys, jackals and even the elusive tigers all contributed to the excitement, for young and old, of seeing animals in their natural state. The quaint government guesthouses on the reserve added an old worldly charm and an elephant back safari made you really re-think the ideas you had about these enormous beasts. Slow they may be, but climb they could! They took you into areas no vehicle could, where you would not venture on foot. Though Corbett was the main attraction we did take a few trips into the surrounding country ending up with a superb view of snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. All this would not have been possible without the meticulous organization of Vikram and his team. Wishing all at Wild World India great success and thanks again for this unforgettable pleasure. We have tons of pictures that we took during this trip plus those images inside our heads which I think we will keep permanently, to remind us of this trip. We hope to do it again.
Bernadette, Etienne, William and Anwar Bux (France)

Bandhavgarh & Corbett Tour

Thank you Vikram and the entire Wild World India team for doing everything you possibly could to make my safari (and Marcus) as good as it could be! Every detail always seemed to be covered. When my train arrived at the station at 4:30 am on my way to Bandhavgarh, I stepped down to the ground with great uncertainty; a fellow approached me and said, “Mr. Richard?” I was so very happy to have a friendly voice to escort me to a waiting car rather than to stand puzzled as to what to do in that environment so strange and frightening to me. Every time a car was to come, it came. The cross-country drivers were all very good, careful drivers, especially the fellow that drove me to Corbett and back to Delhi. The extra effort made to personally bring my luggage out to Bandhavgarh is just extraordinary! I have told a number of people here about your service, and they just look at me in disbelief. Thank you for your act of extreme thoughtfulness! That effort demonstrates the true value of your company in its dedication to give your clients the best possible experience, and trying to resolve problems as they arise. Thank you also for watching over and helping Laura who was feeling so lost and alone when she also arrived in Delhi with no luggage, and with no one there to greet her. Thank you once again for helping to make my trip and Marcus’ a fun, exciting, productive, memorable and a safe experience.
Richard Kuenne (USA)

Rajasthan Mumbai Goa Tour

Thanks for an amazing journey…unforgettable! Just a few minor hiccups…waitlisted for the train but your agent magically appeared and calmed us down…Didn’t have vouchers for hotels which they asked for every time we arrived! But somehow was sorted by local agents…what a network! LOVED Jaipur…had a great guide. Saw a tiger first safari of the day at Ranthambhore… Agra on new year’s day…half of India was there so difficult to move around… Steph was sick that night but had a great doctor. The Delhi office kept an eye on us wherever we went… the driver from Delhi was brilliant. The crowning hotel has got to be Udaivilas in Udaipur…wow!!! Didn’t want to leave. It all fuses into a magical trip of chaos, palaces, smells, dust, music and visuals, which leave you speechless. I could go on and on… thanks for the few hours at the Royal Meridien complete with BMW chauffeur…didn’t want to leave there either…nice rest before the mad Mumbai airport! Thanks again for all your work and patience! I’m thinking mountains and Kerala next maybe!
Stephanie & Wade Hampton (UK)

Kerala & Lakshadweep Tour

The trip you arranged for us was superb. There were no problems and everything ran very smoothly. Jess and I were not accustomed to the ‘5 star’ life but everyone one along the chain was so helpful and friendly it made the trip so easy and relaxing for us. The itinerary itself was perfect. Tall Trees in Munnar was beautiful and relaxing along with the Spice Gardens. We loved the houseboat trip and our time in Bangaram was more than we expected. All in all it was a lovely honeymoon for us both. My only regret is that we could not stay longer in some of the cottages! I think the only suggestion I could make was that we would have preferred to spend more time in the smaller remote accommodation options than in the larger, busier hotels like Coconut Lagoon. Saying that, Coconut Lagoon was also very comfortable and relaxing for our recovery from the wedding day. Thank you so much for all your suggestions and preparing such a great itinerary of Kerala for us. It is a beautiful country.
Jess & John De Pree (UK)

Shipton Tilman Trail

Our trek was in effect a honeymoon after we were married in a Hindu ceremony at Bedni Bugyal, a small shrine on the way to Roop Kund. Wild World India arranged the whole thing – including porters, priests, photographer and band – and we simply cannot recommend them highly enough! Our trek was in the first three weeks of June but Roop Kund was still closed off by snow. And the start of the monsoon meant the stunning view at Kuari Pass was obscured by clouds. The Shipton Tilman route via Wan and the Kuari Pass is beautiful, climbing through forest onto huge alps with wonderful views and huge vultures soaring overhead. We had a great time meeting villagers along the way and camping under mountains like Trisul. Parts of it were hard going, though, particularly the first couple of days – a tough climb up zig-zag paths. And food, especially meat and vegetables, became scarce at times. Carry head torches and pack light. I take three sets of clothes plus a large bottle of mild detergent and a washing line. Our drying laundry caused hilarity from guides and villagers alike.
Mark & Liz Fielden (UK)

Corbett & Rajasthan Tour

We have brought home some great memories from the trip, and some interesting new ideas for future journeys. Our favourite places were Ranthambore, Udaipur, Camp Forktail and the Glasshouse. We managed to combine a family holiday with wildlife and cultural interests. Of course we enjoyed the trip enormously. Rowan liked all the animal rides and game drives, Sarah had a great introduction to India, and I came to a much better understanding of aspects of Indian culture, conservation, ecology and dynamics. I got a great sense of a rapidly changing country and a great feeling of optimism.
Robert & Sarah Yaxley, Robert Yaxley Ecological Surveys Ltd (Norfolk, UK)

Central India Tiger Tour

The most amazing thing about our tour was that it happened at all. We really wanted to see tigers before they disappear from the planet. I found Wild World India and booked the whole tour on the Internet. I was so relieved to see a WWI rep for the first time when he came to meet us at the airport. We had ten wonderful days and saw the wonders of India wildlife at Kanha and Bandhavgah. I had no idea of the wide variety of wildlife we would see, everything from monkeys to every type of deer and of course, tigers. The tour that Vikram created for us had everything, long drives, flights, guided tours and lots of park rides. Everything went smoothly and all the people we met were absolutely delightful. But the highlight was the tigers. When we booked the tour I was afraid we wouldn’t see any tigers at all, but from the first night in Kanha, we were fortunate enough to be with the people who could find the tigers.
Helen Rootveldt (UK)

Corbett Experience Tour

We had an excellent time – one of the best wildlife experiences! The wildlife watching was fantastic – 50 species of birds, including lots of Khalij Pheasants, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babblers, Indian Pitta, Black Bulbuls, Greater Yellownape, Emerald Dove, Crimson Sunbird, Red Billed Blue Magpie and many more. Sambhar and Barking deer, Goral were very nice and a huge King Cobra about 4 meters long. What an incredible time – we are definitely coming back! The excellent food, hospitality, our highly skilled guides and a really great team; thank you all for making our holiday in India one that we will remember for a long, long time.
Chris Shepherd & Loretta Ann Soosayraj (Malaysia)

Kanha, Bandhavgarh & Corbett Tour

We had a really memorable trip indeed and everything was very well arranged. All three parks (Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Corbett) are so spectacular and breathtaking with their charming landscapes, smells and sounds that we wanted to go back as soon as we landed in Russia. Although we were greatly impressed with all three places, I would like to single out Kanha as something that stands apart both in terms of park management and approach. Your choice of Royal Tiger Resort was perfect with their charming hosts Margie and Aditya being so knowledgeable and personal. The atmosphere in the lodge and on the game drives was very non-commercial and wildlife-focused with proper respect to the environment and animals. Nature Heritage Resort in Bandhavgarh was fine with excellent drivers (Santosh whom we had as our driver on all game drives was really the best). The park itself is much more crowded and commercialized compared to Kanha and obviously more focused on tiger viewing though I should admit that I certainly wouldn’t have skipped it. The highlight was Corbett with our most spectacular tiger sighting (five tigers) from the Dhikala watching tower! Thank you again for this excellent trip that wouldn’t have been so perfect without Wild World India.
Inna Gorbulenko (Russia)

Corbett Birding Tour

My partner and I visited Corbett in January towards the end of a two-week birding trip to Northern India, with Wild World India providing excellent camping accommodation, food and guiding. What we enjoyed most though was the excellent company provided by the guides, which extended to chatting the evenings away, sipping beer by an open campfire and listening to all the weird and wonderful sounds of the forest. Having traveled to many places in the world, this still remains one of our fondest memories. We remember leaving with heavy hearts, but knew we will return soon. Footnote: We came back on New Years Eve and it was just as great!
Chris Mills & Jacky Harris (UK)

North India Culture Tour

I traveled to North India in February, my first and had the best time of my life. I had never traveled outside of Australia and decided to go to India and I can tell you it’s a magical place, the people are beautiful, kind and respectful. Wild World India organized our entire tour, which included our guides, accommodation and transport. I could not thank the team enough for all they had done for my friends and myself. I am sure I will visit India again and will want Wild World India to organize it for me.
Irene Melas (Darwin, Australia)

Kilbury Trek

We did a trek in the Kilbury Reserve Forest organized by Wild World India. We really enjoyed this wonderful view and the beautiful landscape all along. We camped all along the trek, got to hear a leopard at night and also had a meeting with a furious bull and other animals, which came to drink at the waterhole close by. It was truly an amazing experience; hope to be back again now that we have done it three times already.
Ursula Ulrich & Nina Muller (Switzerland)

Mahseer Fishing at Vanghat

Thank you very much Vikram, Dipen and the entire Wild World India staff for a most enjoyable stay at Vanghat and for taking such good care of us. The staff was excellent and so were the facilities. The fishing was beyond expectations…we managed to get a few decent ones and bagged 3-4 Mahseer pretty much every session. You all are doing an excellent job both in the hospitality area, as well as for conserving Mahseer. Keep up the good work! Thanks again ….Vish & I will surely be back (for the big one that got away at pool 4!).
George Fathom (India)

Vanghat River Lodge

The whole experience at Vanghat has been so wonderful and it just gets better and better. Carried here on an elephant – beautiful and natural surroundings – perfect host and service and comfort barely imagined! Great walks, fascinating stories and interesting conversation! Washing the elephant in the river is definitely the best memory yet in India. Thank you! “We’ll be back Ghosh”.
Colleen Moor (UK)

Vanghat River Lodge

The whole experience at Vanghat has been so wonderful and it just gets better and better. Carried here on an elephant – beautiful and natural surroundings – perfect host and service and comfort barely imagined! Great walks, fascinating stories and interesting conversation! Washing the elephant in the river is definitely the best memory yet in India. Thank you! “We’ll be back Ghosh”.
Colleen Moor (UK)

Roop Kund Kuari Pass Trek

Priy Ghosh, Achcha hai aapki Diwali sukhmay rahi.
Hum yaha apne bete aur bahu ke saath hein. Charles aur mein hamare trek ke bare mein baat cheet kar rahe hein, aur aap sab ko yaad kar rahin the. Hamari bahu, Nipa ne ‘Ghante’ par likha sandesh padha. Shukriya. Vanghat ki shuruwat ke liye hamari Shubh Kamnaein. Aasha hein ki ‘Haathi’ taxi theek se chalegi.
Our neighbour, who has fished for Mahseer in Southern India visited Corbett just after we returned. We spoke to them on the phone briefly and they said they had fished in the Kosi river and caught some small Mahseer. We will see them soon to share our pictures with them and will find out if they would like to hear about Vanghat.
Shubh Kamnain, Charles aur Judy
Charles & Judy (UK)

Mahseer Fishing

The nature at Vanghat is wonderful and the wildlife is fantastic. I came to hopefully land a big fish, but fishing this time of year in winter is real hard. The fish is here, but they only bite in the morning and only for an hour or so. I have had all the fish between 9 and 11 in the morning. In mid-day I have caught 2 small fish in low water on a Meps size 2. All the fish caught in the pools was on Atta.
10/11 2 small fish and 3, 4 Kg, 77 cm. pool 1
11/11 4 small fish and 1,5 Kg. and 5,7 Kg. 87 cm. pool 5
12/11 1 Small fish and 1, 5 Kg. and 2 Kg. pool 5
Henrik S. Lund (Denmark)

Leopard filming at Siana

Our stay at Siana was only too short-but long enough to be overwhelmed by the warmth of your hospitality, to rejoice in the marvelous meals and to get with your guidance a privileged insight into the wonderful natural history of this thrilling part of the World. Many thanks.
Sir David Attenborough (BBC)

Leopard filming at Siana

Our stay at Siana was only too short-but long enough to be overwhelmed by the warmth of your hospitality, to rejoice in the marvelous meals and to get with your guidance a privileged insight into the wonderful natural history of this thrilling part of the World. Many thanks.
Sir David Attenborough (BBC)


Just a short email to advise you that we are back home in Darwin. Again, please extend our thanks and appreciation to all the staff/guides/drivers at WWI for a magnificent job well done.
Kindest Regards
Michael and Sharon (Australia)

Elephant Safari & Birding Tour

The best trip ever to India, the fourth I have done and hope to be back. Thank you to everyone for making the tour such a memorable one.
Mrs. Irralie Murray (Timau, Kenya)

Thank you all for making this such a wonderful week – elephant safari, bird watching, beautiful scenery, really recommended! I hope we will be back again.
Mrs. Bella Sunley (Madrid, Spain)

A most wonderful trip! The organization was second to none. The scenery is amongst the most spectacular I have ever seen and the elephants, well they are to die for!! Thank you everyone at Wild World India for the care, the kindness and all the knowledge you brought to the trip. It would not have been the same without you. I shall be back, and hope to see you then.
Jenny Sworder (London, UK)

For a first safari to India this has been a most wonderful introduction. Staying at Camps and the Forest Rest Houses has been excellent; the guiding has been interesting, well informed and the “birding” superb. The food was five star! Thank you to the whole team and those special elephants, who have helped make this whole trip so special.
Sarah Jenkins (Bideford, North Devon, UK)

A marvelous safari, beyond my expectations, loved every minute and I never thought of being in India and not having crowds. The birds were way beyond my expectations. The elephants were marvelous and just trudging along so slowly & seeing so much was spectacular. The food couldn’t have been better, in fact couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.
Julia Glen, Nairobi (Kenya)

TRUNKS UP! What a totally amazing experience. Thank you all for making my first (definitely not last!) trip to India so special, I shall treasure the moments forever. Hopefully see you in South Africa soon.
Caro Iuel (Western Cape, South Africa)

Thank You! I loved every moment – the elephants were fantastic and so were the birds. Thanks to Anil & Ghosh and all the crew at Wild World India for looking after us so well.
Sybil Sasson (London)

Thank you all so very much for a truly marvelous experience-we have had a tremendous safari, so well organized-many thanks.
Jane Mceena (Nanyuki, Kenya)

I cannot begin to thank you all for making it such a special safari-I had always wanted to visit India and it has lived up to all expectations. A special thanks to Anil & Ghosh for introducing me to the wonderful world of birds! Good luck and I hope to see you again.
Priscilla Henley, Peurith (Cumbria)