NE India 2012 – Assam & Arunachal Pradesh

After an extremely successful quest to see Snow Leopard in the Indian region of Ladakh in 2010 (see our report here: click here) it seemed obvious for the same people to make another trip together. Well , as it turned out , it wasn’t going to be exactly the same group , because the two ladies didn’t fancy a holiday with so much emphasis on bird watching , but all the guys were certainly ready for new adventures in India. The two gentlemen – Stig Jensen and Ulrik Andersen – who had organized the trip to Ladakh also masterminded the plan this time , and even though we had to leave out a visit to Nagaland because of time issues , the final itinerary still looked very exiting indeed.

Sadly even the best laid plans can fail, and as we approached the beginning of our holiday, we ran into some serious trouble regarding Ulrik’s visa. As it happened, we had not been aware of a new rule saying that after leaving India , you can’t reenter for the next two months , and since Ulrik was finishing a trip to Northwest India just a month before our journey to the Northeast , he couldn’t be granted a new tourist visa for a second entry! Of course , this was a major blow to our plans , and was really putting us down , but at least we managed to find a substitute – Hans Ulrik Skotte Møller – who could take his place on short notice.

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