WWI started in 2006 as a specialist, localized company focusing on the wildlife and natural history of India, when few or none existed. Over a decade later not much has changed (there are still not many specialists around while we only grew wiser) but our wildlife centric obsession has further helped us crystalize our experience and India’s diverse wildlife into meticulously planned journeys.

A large majority of our clients are repeat customers or references, who prefer a more authentic and personalized style of travel focusing on their interests. Some have even been with us on more than 15 trips and we are still counting, which serves as an ideal.

Tigers Only Tour

Daisy Gilardini (Switzerland)

Being a wildlife photographer all you need when traveling is the right light at the right place and moment. Light is all about photography and only Mother Nature can decide about it. Nevertheless having guides that know where and when the right light might be, helps a lot! I would like to thank Wild World India for the great support, perfect organization and best guides during our tiger shooting safari in India.


Central India Tiger Photography Tour

Andrew Hatfield (USA)

Our first adventure travel/photo safari went flawlessly with Wild World India. We stayed at two tiger reserves and felt that we had the best guides in the park! We received VIP treatment and the guides were very accommodating to our photo needs. The lodging and food were great, and all transfers had a personal touch. When we return to India, we will definitely use them again.

To make the Snow Leopard expedition a reality, I contacted Vikram Singh of Wild World India, who did an amazing job putting all of the travel arrangements together for our group. I absolutely recommend Vikram and WWI for any travel needs in India (we’ve used them before – see our India Expedition blog). Vikram was one of the pioneers in the Snow Leopard expedition market and he knows how to do it right!
Smith Family (USA)

Spent 9 nights for relaxation and wildlife photography in April 2011 at Bandhavargh, well-known for tiger sightings. We were not disappointed. We booked our tour with Wild World India – an excellent, very professional outfit — one of the best we have encountered in 20 years of travel. They stay at all the lodges that they recommend and know subtle differences that may be important for clients. WWI made arrangements for an independent guide in the park – he was absolutely fantastic and key for our photographic success.
Kirk & Richelle Fleischer (USA)

I just completed a three-week tour in India, concentrating on photographing tigers. My tour company, Wild World India, was probably the best tour company I have ever worked with (including some very good ones I have used on Africa trips). I was with my sister during part of the trip and alone the rest of the time. Every guide was exceptional & the service excellent! Wild World India planned the whole trip and it was truly memorable. I highly recommend this tour company in planning any trip to India!
Judy Brickman (USA)